Attending a session

Clients are encouraged to bring a support person if this is your first session.

Please be on time so your session is not cut short.

If a client is more than 15 minutes late they may need to re-schedule the session at additional cost.

Clients will not be seen if they are suspected of not being sober and/or under the influence of illicit or psychotropic drugs or are unable to provide informed consent to proceed in a session. 


All payments are to be made via the online system. Some payments may only require deposits online. Please note that the remainder of the payment will be due on the delivery of the service.


Due to popularity, most appointments will be made in 8 weeks.

If you do not have access to the internet then appointments can be made via leaving a message on the message service 0421966964.

These requests may result in later bookings as this manual revew process is scheduled fortnightly.


We take the quality of our service very seriously and if you feel that you did not recieve a quality engagement then please tell us!


You can send your feedback via the contact page or leave a message on the message service at 0421966964 .


Your feedback is always welcome! You will be responded to and if you are still not happy with the response or service we would encourage a conversation to see how we can meet your needs.

What to expect

Appointments usually take 45 minutes.

On arrival, you are welcome to sit in the comfortable waiting lounge and help yourself to tea and coffee.

Clients are not expected to share any personal information.


Any information provided in appointments are not intended to replace professional psychological, legal or medical advice. Referrals are available on request.

Clients are encouraged to stay open yet skeptical and to verify all information provided. 


we understand that life happens and things need to change. So we ask you to please let us know as soon as possible on teh message service number 0421966964, as we keep a waitlist of people who may be able to take your appointment.

We are unable to re-schedule via the message service.

When re-booking online we are unable to prioritise your appointment. You will need to re-book online and choose the next available time that will suit you best.


No refunds will be paid on deposits or online payments.

Rescheduled bookings are welcome.

Full refunds will be available where events are canceled. Participants can also opt to have priority bookings for the next available event.

Terms and Conditions